It’s more news & politics as this isn’t really celeb goss, but OJ Simpson was an American Footballer & Actor, who was very well known celebrity at the time before and after this trial.
Basically I found this documentary on YouTube, thought it would be an interesting thing to watch if you have time to spare!

This program is an in depth investigation into new evidence that has been found surrounding the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.
The world is still asking, who did kill OJ’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman?

OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder. America was divided down the middle. Interest in the case still remains as great as ever, even though we are now in 2013.

Many people feel the evidence did not add up, others feel like justice was served as OJ was found innocent.

Make sure to check this one out guys, it’s always been an interesting case in my eyes…

This Documentary was made by the BBC, all rights of this footage belongs to them.