I got a kitten, he’s a rescue. His green eyes and patch of his face is what drawn me to him.
I know he looks evil but I think that’s adorable! I suffer from chronic bitchface, if I’m not smiling I look so rude. Basically he suits me down to a tee!
He’s 5 months old but only around 5 inches! He’s super small for his age. Had a bit of a struggle naming him, names in hats and all that jazz… We came up with ‘granny minaj’ long story.. In the end I settled on Giroud!
Here’s a picture of him..


Basically I’m a dog person but this little guy was so cute I had to rescue him! Being that I’m a dog person, I think he’s pretty much acting more like a puppy than a kitten.
He keeps trying to lick my nose, and stare into my eyes? From what I know of cats they don’t like eye contact?
Any-who I reckoned this was the place to post my new kitten.
If anyone could let me know if the face licking thing is probably his sussing out whether to bite me or not? Haha please let me know (:

Here’s a little video of him staring into the fish tank! There’s no audio at the moment, apologies!