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Morning Christmas Show 19th Dec

Morning Christmas Show 19th Dec.


Soap & Glory 'The Best Of All' Set.

It’s more news & politics as this isn’t really celeb goss, but OJ Simpson was an American Footballer & Actor, who was very well known celebrity at the time before and after this trial.
Basically I found this documentary on YouTube, thought it would be an interesting thing to watch if you have time to spare!

This program is an in depth investigation into new evidence that has been found surrounding the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.
The world is still asking, who did kill OJ’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman?

OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder. America was divided down the middle. Interest in the case still remains as great as ever, even though we are now in 2013.

Many people feel the evidence did not add up, others feel like justice was served as OJ was found innocent.

Make sure to check this one out guys, it’s always been an interesting case in my eyes…

This Documentary was made by the BBC, all rights of this footage belongs to them.

Giroud chasing fish

I got a kitten, he’s a rescue. His green eyes and patch of his face is what drawn me to him.
I know he looks evil but I think that’s adorable! I suffer from chronic bitchface, if I’m not smiling I look so rude. Basically he suits me down to a tee!
He’s 5 months old but only around 5 inches! He’s super small for his age. Had a bit of a struggle naming him, names in hats and all that jazz… We came up with ‘granny minaj’ long story.. In the end I settled on Giroud!
Here’s a picture of him..


Basically I’m a dog person but this little guy was so cute I had to rescue him! Being that I’m a dog person, I think he’s pretty much acting more like a puppy than a kitten.
He keeps trying to lick my nose, and stare into my eyes? From what I know of cats they don’t like eye contact?
Any-who I reckoned this was the place to post my new kitten.
If anyone could let me know if the face licking thing is probably his sussing out whether to bite me or not? Haha please let me know (:

Here’s a little video of him staring into the fish tank! There’s no audio at the moment, apologies!


Released just before Christmas. Availbale in Boots nationwide in the UK/Ireland.
Retail price was £60/€70. If you were one of the lucky few that waited just before the Christmas rush week hit, you could have snapped this up for just €35//£40 in Boots.

The set includes:

*Thick & Fast mascara; I have yet to use this product, there hasn’t been much feedback on the net about it. As we all know us ladies (some gents) can be very fussy about the mascara we use. My personal favourite is ‘Volume Million Lashes’ by Loreal, which has a hefty price tag of £17 the last time I checked. To sum things up with mascara, stick to what you know best but I will give this a try.

*Sexy mother pucker lipgloss; 7ml. Such an improvement on last years lipgloss. I’d describe the colour as a darkpink with a red hue in it. Beware of the shocking smell whilst applying, it can also be quite a sticky texture. Nice colour, not a fan of the texture.

*Hand Food; 125ml. Pretty much does what it says it intends to do, softens your hands. Popular Soap & Glory product, I find that there is a high demand for this product as boots always seem to have the least of this in stock at any given time there is empty spaces around the few that’s left.

*Heel Genius; 125ml. Foot cream, smells delish! You only have to apply a small amount to your feet for it to do it’s job!

*Peaches Clean; 200ml. 4-IN-1 wash-off deep cleansing milk, includes a peach extract so it gives off a nice smell whilst applying to the face. Suits all skin types.

*Smoothie Star; 500ml. Deep moisturing body milk. Let me start by saying my feedback on this won’t be great. I smelt the product it smells so strong of banana it’s a major off put, I personally would neber apply this to my skin after a shower. Unless I wanted to smell like a walking fruit market.

*Clean On Me; 500ml. My all time favourite Soap & Glory product, I can not get enough of this! Some shoeer gels can be overpowering, or even worse, the smell fades! With this the scent lingers on your skin all day, not enough to clash with your perfume, but just enough to set off that fresh just showered scent all day. A* from me!

*Sugar Crush; 300ml. Body scrub. Straight off I’d recommend you mitts/gloves to apply this. The texture, like any scrub has the feeling of tiny particles getting stuck to your skin. This feeling can irratate many people, if you are indeed one of these people, get gloves. The actual body scrub itself smells so good you neer want to wash it off! It gives off that ‘Ahhh’ reaction when you open it. I highly recommend this product!

*The Righteous Butter, 300ml. Softening butter shea and aloe vera. This can be used by all skin types, even the extra sensitive. Only use a tiny bit of this at a time, unless you want to smell like the product all day. By all means do that but it’s such a powerful scent, don’t apply perfume ontop of it!

All in all, I really like The Best Of All set, I think it’s amazing value for money, what are you waiting for? Go out and grab yourselves one while you still can!! 🙂