Hello Hello!

I’m Gemma; I’m twenty years of age. Nice to meet you, to meet you nice!
It’s always hard to write about yourself isn’t it?!
If I was to tell you a little bit about me; I love Pretty Little Liars, I have so many theories about that show they should hire me to script write, seriously crazy stuff! Bit of a random thing to start off with, keep rechecking my site and you’ll see why! Theories Galore.

I love love love, fashion! I like to create my own unique clothes, if you like Fashion this is the site for you, I will update A LOT when I get excited about a new line or retro pickups. A girl can never have enough clothes, trust me. I personally blame my mum for this fashionista lifestyle that I’ve creeped into over the last decade of my youth.
Another thing that goes hand in hand with Fashion is Beauty, Makeup! I have a mild obsession with Mac, I think every beauty lover can admit at some point in their life they collected all the Mac pigments and eyeshadows, the limited edition items, the list goes on!

I’m a dancer; I broke my chest bone and two ribs on my left side this year which has set me back. Really disappointing but it’s opened my eyes to other things to fill my time…
Which lead me to trying to fulfill one of my other dreams, to be a radio DJ. I’ve always looked up to Annie Mac, and Sarah-Jane, Tim Westwood. I realise these are all BBC Radio DJs, so if I could aspire to be an amazing DJ, I could only dream as being half the DJ these ladies & gents are.
You can listen to me live throughout this year on SoundQuake Radio; hopefully you can follow me on my journey to success, listen to my podcasts!

So, if you don’t like to read long paragraphs..The summary is basically: Music, Makeup, Fashion & Pretty Little Liars.
Oh and welcome to my site, I hope you enjoy your stay. Make sure to have a good poke about & don’t be afraid to drop me a comment at the following;

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Twitter: @GemmaCoyle
Instagram: putaindemode
SoundCloud: GACD5
Blogspot: Putaindemode

& of course you can listen to me live on SoundQuake radio at SoundQuakeRadio.wordpress.com

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